Therapy Animals And Their Effects On Children Essay

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Therapy Animals and their Effects on Children Using animals as a form of therapy is a relatively new concept and is still being researched widely. The first integration of animals into a therapeutic setting was in 1962 (Chandler 2001). Since then a plethora of beneficial uses for therapy animals including helping children learn have been discovered. Animals have already become integrated into the school system especially in elementary schools. Just under half of the classrooms in one school surveyed had animal visitors in their classroom, and just over a quarter of the classrooms had permanent pets (Fine 2010). Teachers use these pets to teach their students responsibility and help their mental health (Fine 2010). This is only one school. If this theory could be researched more we could prove the benefits so it could be implemented nationwide. If therapy animals were to be implemented in schools they have potential to raise test scores, attendance and attention rates and to decrease aggression. The benefits of the animals on the children could potentially be substantial enough to help save the schools some money (Kotrschal and Ortbauer 2003). Schools are always looking for ways to improve student education with the least amount of money possible. Therapy animals could be the best way to minimize spending and maximize learning. It has been shown that animal assisted therapy can help curb violence in schools (Chandler 2001). This can provide the children in class with

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