Therapy Dogs Are Becoming A New Means For Therapeutic Medicine

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Animal assisted therapy is rapidly becoming a new means for therapeutic medicine. Therapy dogs are being implemented to help aid those with diseases, disorders, or those suffering from stress and anxiety; however, many are questioning if this therapy method is a proper program in terms of both effectiveness and ethics. The main scope of this research paper is limited to sources collected within the past ten years. Although my paper is not necessarily scientifically based it is important to use resources that are somewhat recent in order to heighten their credibility on the topic. In addition, the sources I use pertain to therapy dogs helping those facing mental illness, chronic disease, and high stress situations. These categories are taken into consideration because the roles of therapy dogs are commonly used in those areas. Furthermore, my sources are not limited in location. Therapy dogs are being put into practice globally as another tactic for therapeutic sessions. I will be looking at this topic from both the aesthetic and psychological perspectives. It is important to know why therapy dogs are becoming great means of therapy all around the world. Dogs are naturally aesthetically pleasing. They bring joy to their households and even those walking down the street, so it makes sense to implement them in a therapeutic setting. The aesthetic view of therapy dogs comes into play when aiding those without medical issues. On the other hand, the aesthetic perspective can be…

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