Therapy Dogs

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Many large and extremely successful companies permit pets at work; these are businesses like Google, Amazon, and Ben and Jerry’s. Allowing a therapy dog to visit A2LA could be a great kickoff to the wellness challenge or just a new company tradition. Studies show that dogs in the office cause employees to become more productive, efficient, and happier.
It would be an admirable concept to incorporate therapy dogs in to the office. Staff has previously mentioned their interest in this topic multiple times, and now we can meet their requests. Therapy dogs are known to make employees not only happier, but healthier. Dogs are known for reducing stress and anxiety in humans; while also temporarily lowing their blood pressure. Some other interesting health benefits are a quicker recovery from heart disease and improvement on people’s psychological well-being and self-esteem.
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It would include a brief presentation about the volunteer work, its purpose, and some history about the therapy dog. All volunteers are aware of the possibility of people not wanting to be associated with the dog due to things such as allergies and fears. Therefore, they will be walking around greeting everyone who would like to interact with the dog; not letting the dog roam freely around the office. This is a perfect way to involve those who want to participate and be respectful to those who do not. All the possible volunteers work under a company called Alliance of Therapy Dogs from which they are all accredited and insured with all appropriate documentation. Since they are all from the same program there is no direct fee or cost to be paid, however a donation to the volunteer and company would be
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