There Are An Infinite Amount Of Jobs In The World For Everyone

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There are an infinite amount of jobs in the world for everyone to choose from. Figuring out who you are and the type of job you want is one of the most primal decisions you will ever make. As for me, I’ve always found it extremely vital to find a career that holds a lot of meaning. It’s obviously important to have a job to support myself, but I also think it’s important to find happiness in a career as well. From the time I was young, I knew someday I would become a teacher. Working with children is something I have always found great joy in and am very good at. From volunteering in sports, to playing with my younger cousins, I’ve always known working with children was very fitting for me. Having the opportunity to teach children and…show more content…
Mr. Felton has always played a part in me wanting to become a teacher because even on the bad days he made teaching fun in the classroom. A smile was always present on his face no matter what the circumstance was. He showed me that if he could be a great teacher, I can be a great teacher one day. The role a teacher has in a student’s life can be very important. Teachers need to be professional and respectful to students but also need to gain the respect of student’s in return. I want to be a teacher that has compassion and most importantly, an understanding for student’s because no one knows their personal situations. I want students to be able to have fun in my classroom and not be afraid to be themselves. If a student faces problems at home or needs tutoring, a teacher should be personable and approachable to the student. I want students to be able to talk to me if they if facing an obstacle, no matter what it may be. It’s always crucial to remember not all kids have a great support system at home, so I want to be encouraging and cheer on all my students to do their best. Teacher’s also need to maintain a respectable and professional relationship with a student’s parents. I want to keep in touch with parents and let them know how their child is doing in the classroom setting, but also ensure them that they are in charge of their child’s learning process. No parent wants to be told how to raise
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