There Are Different Theories, Perspectives, Practices,

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There are different theories, perspectives, practices, and models that guide the social worker’s profession. A theory is a framework that is used to analyze and explain the unknown or certain aspects of the world. A perspective is a point of view, an explanation for something that is uncertain or unknown. The transcultural perspective embraces five interrelated but distinct dimensions of diversity: 1) recognizing the importance of culture in social work at all levels of practice; 2) applying principles of cultural competence in practice; 3) understanding dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression; 4) maintaining an awareness of one’s cultural perspectives, values, and beliefs; and 5) demonstrating respect in interactions with client…show more content…
Using transcultural competencies helps brings together different behaviors, attitudes, and policies to produce better outcomes. It helps increase respect and understanding of those involved as well as increase creativity in problem-solving through new ideas and strategies. This perspective helps promote inclusion and equality and increases trust and cooperation. We all live among those who do not share the same values, beliefs, or opinions. The transcultural perspective helps people, groups, communities, and organizations become self-aware of their personal biases and beliefs and with that comes strength. Understanding and respecting culture in groups, communities, and organizations is crucial to working effectively with diverse clients to find the best approach for achieving their goals. The competency of social workers is limited when they do not possess tools of self-awareness and appreciation that can affect them when working with diverse populations (Hall E., n.d.). A social worker’s cultural competence is dynamic and entails consistent learning, unlearning, and relearning (NASW, 2015) of their self-awareness. Empowerment is a strength of the transcultural perspective. Empowerment helps groups, neighborhoods, and organizations to discover and use the resources, tools, and opportunities that are available to overcome the challenges faced. As
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