There Are Examples Of Dehumanization In Night

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In Night a memoir by Elie Wiesel, he uses imagery, simile, and connotation to demonstrate the effects of dehumanization and what affect it has on people.
During the story you can see that Elie Wiesel uses connotation to describe the effects of dehumanization, you can see that dehumanization is used to drive people crazy, For example in the story wiesel says “crouched in her corner, her bewildered gaze scouring the emptiness, she could no longer see us”(wiesel pg.19). This quotation demonstrates Madame Schacter just stares in a very confused and dazed look it also shows us that if people are dehumanized they start to act less than human because that’s how they are being influenced and when they are influenced in that way humans tend to act out
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