There Are Four Primary Discipline Topics Mentioned Above

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There are four primary discipline topics mentioned above addressed in the review of the literature for this research, which are the analysis of the primary conceptual framework for this investigation. The social model for Cultural Competence and Critical Race Theory (CRT), are the highlights of the dimensions that will influence the research through this exploratory participatory approach. This will be a case study utilizing a mixed method approach through social constructivist participatory analysis. The case study will have an outcome basis that may produce advocacy, more effective professional development, and more culturally inclusive learning environments. Let’s view each of these outcomes individually. The research…show more content…
Therefore, professional development becomes critical for a more inclusive learning environment to include more than just pedagogy. It must include culturally aware and competent trainings. Finally, this might cumulatively lead to a more culturally inclusive learning environment. A more culturally inclusive learning environment could be self-sustaining to producing more globally competitive high school students. Teachers and administrators who have more cultural mindfulness and inclusion could be able to cultivate more productive students which would be inclusive of African American high school students. According to Michael Cole, author of “Cross-Cultural and Historical Perspectives on the Developmental Consequences of Education which speaks about the primary meaning for education being to nourish a child (Cole, 2005). Cole also characterizes education as “. . .a systemic instruction, schooling or training given to the young in preparation for the work of life” (Cole, 2005). Therefore, it is imperative for this learning environment of preparation for life to be culturally inclusive to be successful for an equitable and more productively effective
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