There Are Many Different Approaches And Perspectives When

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There are many different approaches and perspectives when discussing the employment relationship. All of these perspectives share some commonalities while at the same time having unique viewpoints. The first approach is the unitary approach, which views the work organization as a whole. In the unitary approach, the employees and employer co-exist and are reliant on one another. The next perspective is the pluralist approach. In the pluralist approach the organization realizes that there will be differing views and because of this the pluralist approach tends to utilize collective bargaining as a tool to resolve conflict. The Egoist perspective on employment relations is focuses on self-interest. In the egoist perspective labor is viewed…show more content…
In the egoist approach, management and employees pursue their self-interests so there is little room for management within this framework. Since employees are viewed as a commodity in this perspective, management for the egoist perspective utilizes employment-at-will so they can keep up efficiency and work toward their self-interests. Like the egoist perspective, the critical/conflict perspective views management as an object of great power that must be contested. In this perspective management is viewed as having the “upper-hand”. These four perspectives also have differing views on government regulation. In the unitary model government regulation is viewed as unnecessary. Since there is such an open platform for discussion and decision-making between the employee and employer in this model government regulation is viewed as a burden. In the pluralist model government regulation is viewed as something that can be used in lieu of open communication. Unlike the unitary model, the pluralist model realizes there are differences between the employer and employee and government regulation is something that can manage the conflicts that might arise because of these differing interests. In the egoist perspective government regulation does not really have a place. Since everyone is following their personal self-interests in this perspective, “These narrow views of equity and voice leave little room
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