There Are Many Different Forms Of Child Sexual Abuse. Sexual

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There are many different forms of child sexual abuse. Sexual abuse can be perpetrated by a relative or a stranger. But the most common of sexual abuse is committed by a beloved relative. Ratican (1992) defines childhood sexual abuse is a sexual act performed over and over between an adult and child (1992). The effects of childhood sexual abuse can last into adulthood and effect the way that a person thinks or their outlook of life.
The effect of this act has a negative impact on the psychological pattern of a person. Victims may feel in distress and show a wide range of change in psychological symptoms, both long and short term. Some short terms problems that a child may experience is wetting of the bed, change of performance in school
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But they fell that molestation is not a form of CSA because it is a non-contact sexual behavior. But because it frightens, shocks and sexual rewarding to the perpetrator, it is categorized as such; even though they feel that it shouldn’t effect a child’s brain in long-term. It is widely accepted that a sexual relationship between an adult and child is abuse regardless of consent. Children are not able to consent; so therefore, adults are abusing their authority over a child. The key issue in defining sexual abuse is that they look at the age gap between the two persons. Where the person is old enough to give consent, but the age gap is significantly large it is still considered child sexual abuse. Looking at research of CSA, majority of it is focused on women, and few attempts looked into among men. But preliminary work suggests that long-term effects are different in men and women, so they solemnly focus on women more. The difficultly with the abuse is that victims don’t feel the need to come forward. Broadly speaking there are two concerns. First, there is the issue of whether or not some reports of sexual abuse are fantasies or fabrications. A second issue is whether the memories or events are valid in the length of time that it takes a child or parent to come forward. So they would like for the persons to
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