There Are Many Different Types Of Dorms In Colleges Across

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There are many different types of dorms in colleges across America and the World. They all have one thing in common; they are cramped and unpleasant places to live. This is a guide on how to live in the dorms and hopefully live comfortably. There are two parts to this process, the first being the essentials to survive the dorm and the second being comforts that enhance the quality of living. The essentials that should be brought to college are a desk, chairs, and a small table. Most colleges have desks and chairs available but you also need to bring a small table that can be folded up when not being used. This serves as a common place that everyone can sit around. Another area of essentials are school supplies. It is best to bring these…show more content…
People need to make studying into a fun thing, instead of something that they find torturous and a long and extremely boring affair. When I started college, after I finally made it through those four long years of high school, I took a little bit and stopped and thought about the fact that studying will never change. Just because I am done with high school doesn 't mean I am going to study less, it means I am going to actually have to study more! What does it mean to someone when they learn that studying doesn 't stop when you get out of high school. Sometimes that scares someone, other times it drives them away from college. However, you just need to adjust and learn some study skills and habits, instead of just assuming it 's such a horrible and awful thing. Many of my friends detest the idea of sitting down at a table with a book, and reading it. Wow, such a horrible idea huh?, It is what you have to do though sometimes when you need to study for a quiz, exam, or if you are just doing you regular homework. Put everything that will distract you away first, and then get out a book and start to read. Most of the time you will find that when you force yourself to read that you will have problems learning the material, or remembering what you just read. Something you can do to help remember the material is instead of looking at it like it is a bad thing,
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