There Are Many Kinds Of Stores Worldwide. Each Store Sales

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There are many kinds of stores worldwide. Each store sales different products or many of the same product; it depends on the type of store that someone goes in. There are some store that sale all different kinds of products like the average cold medicine to parts of a vehicle. They even sale your everyday grocery needs. There is one store in particular that is completely nation wide; that store is Walmart. Walmart is a very big store. Have you ever wonder how it all got started? It was founded by Sam Walton. A lot of the products say that they are made in China. Walmart began as a small town store and has expanded from nation to nation. The company does business with many nations, where the products they sale could be made at a cheaper…show more content…
Sam’s Club stores sold items in bulk and at a discount price, but only with a membership. (History of Walmart) There have been many of these stores opened up. As of October 2009, many of these stores were opened in other countries, including China. China is one the main country that the United States does business with. Walmart began in China in 1996, when they opened the first Walmart Supercenter and Sam’s club in Shenzhen. Walmart was planning an expansion which was announced in 2005. This expansion was a joint venture with a company that has close ties to Chinese officials. The head of the company was forced to resign after a trading scandal in 2009. (Forbes) There was many stores had to change their names due to a transaction. About 8,500 stores changes their names. Walmart was changed to Great Wall Mart and Sam’s Clubs were remained Mao’s Club, each company was rebranding. (The Final Edition) Does a name change affect a company? It would really depend on the company. Does being in a different count affect a company? It affects the company in more than one way. The company would not sale the same things, but they would be very similar. The company would be able to sell more items that are made in their own country. The store layouts would vary. The Walmarts in America, do not offer things to the customers ' like the Walmarts in other nations do. Customers in China get the option of fresh foods. They can go to their local Walmart and pick

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