There Are Many Opportunities That May Appear In A Life

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There are many opportunities that may appear in a life time that will need a decision when running a business. Bart, was one of them individuals that had to make very important decisions that had a big effect within the business that he worked for. This article will go over a case study about Bart and the organization that he worked for known as Galaxy Toys. It will go into a quick background on the case study about Bart and the decision making that he had to do within his business. The article will identify and discuss the School of thought that best describes Bart’s management style when he first joined Galaxy and also when a shift took place within the business. Finally, it will identify and discuss the theorist who best supports this…show more content…
In the case study, there is the highlight of the manager known as Bart; who managed the organization known as Galaxy Toys Toledo, Ohio branch. He was responsible for management from the year 1969; during which he succeeded in making various changes that had the effect of making fortunes for the company. In his management style, there was very minimal or no employee involvement in the management process. Moreover, there was the highlight of him undertaking the training of the workers to adopt a way of working that would have the end result of increasing the rate or volume of production in the entire company.
Looking at the various characteristics of the above highlighted management style, there is one school of thought that can explain the manner in which he used to manage the various activities that used to happen in the company. This is the scientific school of management thought that was developed by Fredrick Taylor. This is because; among all the other schools of thought, it is the one that stands distinct with the description of the management style that was being used by Bart in the management of the organization. This is the theory by Fredrick Taylor that has the highlight of analysis of the synthesis of work flow in an organization. In other words, it has got the highlight of economic efficiency and the
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