“There Are Many Things That Could Be Lost And Found Later,

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“There are many things that could be lost and found later, but there are some things when lost are lost forever”. On the day my grandfather died, my grandmother uttered these words to me. I was 8 years old. At that time, with my immature mind, I was not able to understand what she meant by that. Losing things is a common occurrence that happens to everyone; I always thought if I lost something, I could just find it later with a little help of time. Ever since I met my dear friend Brian Chiu, that was when I truly understood what my grandmother said when some things when lost are lost forever. It was March 7th, 2016. Sleeping in my comfortable bed, snuggly tucked in a thick, warm blanket, I laid a rest. My room was filled with complete…show more content…
However, the pessimistic part of me was telling me that it was going to be a boring day; I was going to be stuck doing mundane work such as worksheets and readings. I couldn’t help but sigh, thinking about it. After finishing my nutritious breakfast, it was time for me to go to school. Dressed and packed with everything I needed for school, I walked out my door with my head facing forward. On my way, walking to the train station, I had a tendency of looking around and paying attention to the littlest of things. I saw old pieces of worn-out furniture in the streets ready for pick up, people walking out of their houses holding a cup of coffee or books in their hands, and cars driving on the streets. As I came to a stop at one particular street cross, I waited for the crosswalk light to turn to the white walk sign. When I attempted to cross the street, I saw a blur of strobing lights pass in front of me; it was a blur of flashing red, white and blue lights. I realized that it was an ambulance that raced by. At that moment, I felt an ominous feeling that made me momentarily paused. Curiously, I glanced over the path of the ambulance. I saw that it stopped in front of an ordinary nail salon, where my friend Brian was living. But, that curiosity was forcefully shut down. The urgent need to arrive to class made me, fearing I was going to be late for class, restrained my curiosity and I ran towards the train station. Little did I know, something terrible occurred. After
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