There Are Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Located Within

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There are millions of illegal immigrants located within the United States, and every year that number increases. Illegal immigration has been and still is an ongoing battle that keeps emerging worldwide. The controversial debate of whether illegal immigrants are straining the economy or benefiting it is still being argued. Many Americans are uncertain if they should be for it or against it and at the same time people don’t really know if immigration in general is acceptable or a threat to the economy. Whether people believe that the effects of illegal immigrants have a negative or a positive impact on our society, it is still a tendentious topic to be debated about. Immigrants are people from other countries who enter another country…show more content…
They 're sending people that have lots of problems, and they 're bringing those problems with us. They 're bringing drugs. They 're bringing crime. They 're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." Although Trump and many other Americans may assume that, how much of it is true? In an article that I researched, Rich Furman, thinks otherwise. He states “For instance, business leaders have often been outspoken about the importance of undocumented workers to their industries, and to our overall economy” which proves that illegal immigrants are important in many ways, and in this case it shows that illegal immigrants are a great impact to the economy (Furman 284). After reading this statement it led me to believe that not only are industries like construction and manufacturing growing which in my opinion is benefitting the economy, but at the same time unemployment rates have decreased around the nation which an improvement is being made especially since the numbers are so high. Although some immigrants are considered assets to many companies and factories, it is believe that one of the most negative impact that many Americans believe is that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs away from United States citizens. This statement is what gets me every time because in my opinion from what I have seen is that the undocumented immigrants are shown out the door
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