There Are No Mountains Like The Himalaya Essay

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There are no mountains like the Himalaya for in them are Kailash and Manasarovar. As the dew is dried up by the morning sun, so are the sins of mankind by the sight of the Himachal. —The Ramayana saga

Nothing has given humankind a bigger sense of divinity than mountains and no place can make you more aware of their power than the Himalaya. Beyond their sight, which may change your life; when you walk the crowded city streets, get into temples or hotels throughout Asia, you are unwittingly seeing mountains and finding hidden messages about them. Such is the influence of the Himalaya, that they are at the very core of Asian religions and shaped Asian cosmology,
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I grew up surrounded by amazing mountains, but Canary Islanders belong to a culture much more related to the sea. I was lucky to study Indology before going to Nepal and for years I longed for that country and only when I came back I saw mine and loved them. But what happens to those who remained insensitive to the Himalaya and blind to the hidden messages? Well, there is hope if they traveled close to the people who have been constantly exposed to them. The ones who not only made them into food and eat them, turned into speech and chant them or stepped into them but who also climb and live from the mountains; the Sherpa.
The ones who burn juniper as an offering to the mountains not only before the climbing but as long as anyone remains up there. Beyond worship, this is an exercise on caring about others. After the earthquake in 2015 people on Everest described everybody crouching down helplessly on the mountain while the earth was shaking. They listened not only to its roaring but also the loud mantras the Sherpa were chanting to appease the mountain. Their beliefs and way of life are made of all these stories and rituals, and the biggest gain for the ones who travel there is this sacramental way of
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