There Are Several Practices That Uber Can Adopt In Order

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There are several practices that Uber can adopt in order to manage employee performance. Some practices include social recognition and related positive reinforcement. Social recognition and positive reinforcement consists of challenging employees and providing ample encouragement to motivate those employees to continue to learn and to improve in the workplace. In order for Uber to encourage employee engagement and employee performance they must express appreciation to their employees in front of others. I believe positive reinforcement to be one of the most crucial steps in achieving an environment that fosters employee engagement and in turn higher performance. Uber could also use benefit packages to encourage employee performance…show more content…
In order to accomplish a better understanding of what compensation policy will align with the company’s strategic aim, Uber must have a good understanding of the basic factors that determine pay rates such as productivity and union influence. Uber must also use job evaluation methods such as using a market-based approach, market-competitive pay plan, point method, wage curves, wage structure and rate ranges, job classification, and even computerized job evaluations. Uber could also use ranking as a job evaluation method which revolves around obtaining job information, selecting and grouping jobs, then rank those jobs, and combine the ratings. A grade level example of job evaluation “evaluates completed work for conformance to policy; guidelines, such as regulations, precedent cases, and policy statements that require considerable interpretation and adaptation.” (Gary Dessler) I believe that in order to achieve a compensation policy that aligns with the strategic aim of the company, the best practices for Uber would be to adopt a competency-based pay model that evaluates employees based on their productivity. I believe that this will also increase employee engagement overall, which leads the company as a whole to support the strategic aim. Benefits are an extremely crucial part of an employees contract with a company. If Uber wants to be successful in their expansion across the world, they must be able to provide the

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