There Are Several Similarities Between Aristotle And Confucius

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There are several similarities between Aristotle and Confucius on the concept of friendship. Both viewed friendship as a relationship between virtuous and trustworthy friends who understand each other 's character. According to Aristotle and Confucius, virtue is essential when friends are able to share their lives with one another during the time of fortune and misfortunes. For this leads them to live happily, joyfully, and harmoniously as friends. Aristotle posited that, “The perfect form of friendship is that between good men who are alike in excellence or virtue” ( Nicomachean Ethics VIII. ch.3(1156b(10). Confucius, agreed with Aristotle, as the Analects says “Virtue is never left to stand alone; he who has it always have…show more content…
ch.3). Friends will be there for one another - encouraging, correcting, and supporting each other with love and care. And this is how everyone is supposed to live in society. A sincere and truthful friendship built in virtue leads to an honest, good life. The author Vernon said friendship brings a happy life to both parties (“The Philosophy of Friendship”). A good friendship brings love, peace, joy, and justice not only for each friend but also for society. Friends enjoy a sincere and faithful companionship. Wei Tu said trust between friends is sustained by a long lasting commitment that aims to mutual flourishing (Slote 128). In order to have a true friendship, one has to commit himself or herself to truthfulness in words and actions. A perfect friendship brings forth harmony, peace, love, and justice during someone’s life and allows society to flourish. There also are some differences between the two traditions. For, Aristotle’s list of groups of people whom we are inclined to love, and Confucius’ three types of friends. For Aristotle these groups of friends based their relationships more on human feelings and on virtue rather than on practical actions as it is for Confucius. “The

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