There Are Two Types Of Diabetes That Occur Not Due To Pregnancy:

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There are two types of diabetes that occur not due to pregnancy: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1, also known as “insulin dependent” and “juvenile” diabetes occurs because of a genetic hiccup in which the pancreas’ beta cells can’t properly create and distribute insulin, causing the individual to have to take injections. The second type of diabetes, Type 2, occurs when the body can’t make enough insulin for adequate function of the body, albeit from age or weight. In this type of diabetes insulin injections are less common (although can still be prescribed depending), which is why the main focus and recommendations will be based on Type 1 diabetic mothers. Organizations like The American Diabetes Association (ADA), The National Institute of…show more content…
Using a population-based study, researchers used a Medical Birth Registry in Sweden, gaining data on about 5,000 type 1 diabetic pregnancies. They also used approximately 1,200,000 pregnancies deemed “healthy” as a control group. In studying these births and the health of the children from 1991 to 2003, researchers found a prominent correlation between type one diabetic mothers and “preeclampsia, cesarean section delivery, . . . still births, perinatal mortality, and major malformations.” On top of these issues, there was a seen increase in preterm births and cases of fetal macrosomia among the diabetic group (Persson, Norman, & Hanson, 2009, p. [Page #]).(Persson, Norman, & Hanson, 2009) To get even more specific, a study was done about the sole issue of the number of stillbirths that result in diabetic pregnancies. Using pregnancies from 1990-2000, researchers analyzed characteristics of the pregnancy: the mother, her control over her diabetes, the pregnancy itself, and the still born. Looking through 1300 women, 25 stillbirths were found among 22 women. Within those stillbirths, 9 were caused by poor glycemic control, with the rest due to explainable (smoking, poor environment, diabetic nephropathy etc) or unexplainable causes. To further test how insulin boluses change through out pregnancy, a study was conducted to test the difference between the use of an insulin pump

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