There Comes A Time In Life Where We Finally Reach A Point

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There comes a time in life where we finally reach a point where we begin to settle down with someone, fall in love, get married, and eventually try for a baby. People wait nine-months of long and hard obstacles to finally meet their baby boy or baby girl. One cannot help but have a certain mindset already placed for each gender that they are expecting. A feminine floral pink baby shower for a girl or a blue, masculine one for a boy. As much as we want to say that things are better now and the roles seem to be more open, it is still very present that people, especially parents, tend to want their kids to take on a certain personality or interests that correlates to how they see gender roles and where their gender attitude lies because that…show more content…
Society has built a system of gender roles that has a huge impact on gender identities. According to Kathleen Stassen Berger, author of Invitation to the Life Span, gender identity is “a person’s acceptance of the roles and behaviors that are associated with the biological categories of male and female”(p. 388). As a child, we think in a very simple way, which means we take on the idea of gender schema, the general belief of difference between males and females according to a child, but as we grow older we begin to question our gender identity due to Piaget 's concept of hypothetical reasoning. The reason behind the questioning can be that gender identities consist of a wide range of different categories that adolescents may be curious or may even identify as which includes gender (no gender), bigender (two genders), third gender (neither male or female), transgender (does not correspond with their birth sex), and many more. The three most commonly used genders that are used in our society are male, female, and transgender. We often know the meaning behind being a female or male because that is what we are taught at a really young age, but what exactly is a transgender? According to the Humans Rights Campaign, a transgender is usually a person “whose gender identity and/or expression is different

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