There Comes A Time When You As A Child Have Unanswered

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There comes a time when you as a child have unanswered questions; such as “why the sky is blue” or “why the moon is following you.” For “normal” questions such as that you, typically turn to your parents, but what if those questions are not so normal? Questions that make you “feel as if everything [you] understood, everything [you] had taken for granted up to that moment” had no meaning, and mentally no sense of direction, all this while still trying to color inside the lines (Cooper, 49). As you get older of course, those sensations of your sexuality become more obvious to you, but parents or even family may not be your first option of expressing yourself. A questionable thought is not enough to let it be known of those adverse…show more content…
In the movie Birdcage, Senator Keeley becomes oblivious to the situation where he discovers that his future in laws were a gay couple from South beach Florida. Mrs. Keeley bluntly elucidated the situation to him in which he completely had selective hearing to, as if she were speaking another language. Senator Keeley is like a metaphor for that person in our family that is close minded to anything that isn’t “normal,” yet we have that urge in which we wish not to disappoint them. Being normal is an absurd characteristic that may come from how your parents were brought up and may even have to do with religion. You’re raised to a certain degree that you become unfamiliar or uneducated to same sex relationships which leads you to confusion. A key factor to the reaction you may have to the love between two men or women, since “like most children, [you] thought it possible to divide the world into male and female columns” (Cooper, 50). Trying to decipher such an intense pleasure to those who are unaccustomed can be overwhelming, let alone getting caught before having the chance to explain what you’re going through. That nerve wrecking feeling of despair that the person will give you that fighting chance to explain yourself or just go out and blurt it to the world, (or at least that’s what it feels like). The fear of having that very thin line between

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