There Has Always Been A Stereotype That Says That Men Are

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There has always been a stereotype that says that men are faster, stronger, taller, and just better at athletics then females. Where as the other side to that stereotype is that females are flexible, have better balance, and better have better endurance then males. The problem that theses stereotypes fall into is a problem called gender logic which is where people are separated into different categories which are gender categories and sex categories. You are put into these categories based on what type of the stereotype that you fall into. This is the issue because it changes peoples perspective on what sports are made just for males and sports that are made just for females based on these stereotypes that come from this ideas of gender…show more content…
People think that football is to hard and physical for females because of them supposably being very delicate and fragile due to the stereotype that everyone thinks about girls. That football is a male sport due to the intensity of the sport and the repetitive physical contact throughout the game. Football is known for for being a very hard sport to play and very rough sport as well which also make it a male sport because the fact that it is rough so females shouldn 't be able to play because it is to rough and physical for them. The thing is that some girls can hang with they guys and compete in some of these sports not all girls fall into the stereotype of being fragile and too sweet to play the sport of football. These are all issues that fall into the problem of gender logic because people are making these sports gender specific because the quality that you should have to play this sport fall under on that should be played by just male athletes. These are all things that happen and make people think that football is a males sport because of the perception that has been made, that football is a male only sport due to the stereotypes and are associated with it. There was a case in St. Petersburg, Florida where a young girl named Khara played right alongside young boys in a youth football league and proves that girls can play just as good as the guys. In
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