There Is A Certain Divinity That Is Distinguishable In

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There is a certain divinity that is distinguishable in the form of a woman. Women have birthed nations, and black women in particular birthed the first civilizations on Earth. The poem “Ego Tripping”, written by Nikki Giovanni, is a testament to the superiority of not just the black race, but to the black women who are at the helm of that race. The speaker of the poem details epic historical events that molded modern civilizations, and references divine aspects of life while simultaneously creating an image of being hotheaded and egotistical. The poem was written in 1972, an era during which racial tensions and disparity were at a high point. It was written just five years after the Newark, NJ riots, a period defined by six days of…show more content…
Historically, little is known about who exactly constructed the massive monument, or when or how it was constructed. The speaker then goes on to reference the Ice Age which passed over Europe, as well as claiming that their “oldest daughter” is the Egyptian queen Nefertiti (line 12). Queen Nefertiti, who ruled with her husband Pharaoh Akhenaten, was known for her beauty and power. Hannibal is also referenced, an infamous Carthaginian general who used elephants in his invasion of Italy during the second Punic War ( The line in which he is referenced reads “For a birthday present when he was three/I gave my son Hannibal an elephant/He gave me Rome for mother 's day” (lines 23-25). The use of these lines conveys the speaker’s overall social and historical influence on past events, as well as to reinforce Giovanni’s belief in the overall power of the black race. These lines also hold obvious feminist undertones, those of which will be discussed more in-depth later in the analysis. In line 27, the speaker states that their son Noah built the “New/Ark”, an obvious reference to the aforementioned Newark, NJ riots. Religion is a key factor in the birth and growth of the black race according to Giovanni. Line 6

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