There Is An Additional Bonus Besides The Saving Of Money

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There is an additional bonus besides the saving of money in the home vegetable garden cultivation. That is the tenderness and superb flavor of vegetables we harvest and prepare for table use when they are at their very best. Even if the cost were the same, we would happily work our own gardens because we know that those vegetables harvested in commercial fields, shipped to market and then used in the kitchen after a week (or more) has passed, simply cannot be compared in flavor and quality to those we harvest in our own gardens and eat the same day! For a continuous supply, the planting of beans at about two week intervals will keep the table constantly supplied. One packet of Pole Beans will provide enough plants for the Small home…show more content…
If you are a nature lover and enjoy watching a flurry of hummingbirds or a wave of beautiful butterflies fluttering around your yard, a natural choice of landscaping would be butterfly bushes. These beautiful, amazingly delicate bushes will attract nature 's tiniest creatures and give you a front row seat for their dancing performances. Butterfly bushes come in a variety of colors that will highlight or accent any garden design. Hues of gold, blue, purple or pink flowers grow rapidly on these hearty green shrubs. Even the most inexperienced gardener will delight in the production of amazing flower 's with just nominal care. Butterfly bushes grow rapidly, so one must be careful in selecting the right place to display them. For use in a small flower garden, the butterfly bush should take center attention. It 's regal flowers will be a proud display, and a definite eye catcher. Plant the butterfly bush center stage, then add smaller annuals around it. The annuals should be a complimentary color to the butterfly bush. If your butterfly bush produces dark rich purple flowers, consider adding lighter purple, or even pink, petunia waves in a circle around it. If you want a bolder statement, plant several butterfly bushes of various colors down the side of your flower garden or fence. These plants will grow and come together as a

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