There Is Currently A Critical Global Shortage Of Nurses

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There is currently a critical global shortage of nurses and it is projected to grow logistically in the prospective years. The reasons for the nurse shortage is multifactorial but one of the more prominent reasons is that nurses are at an increased risk for work related stress particularly in specialty areas such as mental health nursing. Psychiatric nurses are frequent victims of burn out and workplace violence because of the nature of patients they serve, the demands of the institution, and the shortage of trained staff. According to Qi et al. (2014), “Nurses working in mental health hospitals have been found to suffer from higher levels of work-related stress, as they are frequently exposed to violent behavior by mental health patients…show more content…
According to Itzhaki et al. (2015), interventions such as training staff to deal with violence directed at them contributed to the fact that even when nurses are working with mental health patients, it promoted work safety as well as less stress. In addition, routine nursing staff training structured around coping with aggression in mental health facilities are vital for preventing violence, dealing with aggression, establishing trust and rapport with the patient, maintaining the security and the well being of both staff and patients. Lastly, contrary to psychosocial and educational interventions is lack of interventions provided to support the staff to cope with work place violence and job related stress and burnout. Due to the lack of support, nurses tend to experience more burnout and less life satisfaction. According to Itzhaki et al. (2015) “a possible explanation could be that mental health nurses often believe that patients’ violence towards them is to be expected and is considered part of the job…Experiencing abuse could lead to ambiguity; nurses must take care of patients who abuse them. This situation might evoke stress and reduce their life satisfaction.” Therefore, it is essential as a psychiatric mental health nurse to participate in trained programs such as Satori Alternatives to Manage Aggression (SAMA) and psychosocial interventions such as group therapy to learn more about work place violence and methods to reduce the effects of it along with stress
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