There Is No I In Team Essay

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“It may sound like a waste of time, but it unites our Wal-Mart branch as a family!” Bob preaches. “This is a waste of valuable work time and an embarrassment to the Wal-Mart name!” A nudnik employee shouts in return. “Sam Walton founded this company with his family, today he is still working with his family and always will be. We are a family because a family can complete tasks earlier and more efficiently than an individual could. Cooperating together on responsibilities reduces our workloads and allows us to share responsibilities and ideas.” Bob replied, “We are more than a work place, we are Wal-Mart!” Bob Learmont, a manager at Wal-Mart in Grand Rapids Michigan, unites his employees every morning with a speech or quote of the day.…show more content…
As bizarre as this may seem to outsiders, it makes the employees laugh and creates a bond. This bond improves the workers’ moods and makes them motivated to be at work. Sam Walton, the creator and founder of Wal-Mart, used his innovative thinking and sharp business acumen to lead Wal-Mart to prosperity. Walton had a clear gift for merchandising and relations with his staff. He used it to become a leader in determining which products sold best at the local level and how to build the best team. “Building a management team, and its relationships is the most important part of the foundation of a company,” Walton states in an interview. (Walton and Huey) He started out with a small Five-and-Dime store, founded in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1945. He used his vast knowledge in sales and communication to grow his small no name stores into profitable big name town stores. While he expanded away from Five-and-Dime and into Wal-Mart he kept a strong base staff beside him. They lived and breathed as one. This connection between work and personal life helped Wal-Mart to bloom into the multibillion dollar industry it is today. Though Wal-Mart focuses on interpersonal development between their employees, other companies improve the surrounding environment of their workers which increases productivity. Google currently has stock selling for $1025.55 a share which is over thirty four times the cost of a share of Yahoo stock currently on the
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