There Is No Magic For Good Legal Research

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There is no magic to good legal research. There is no specific one way to research effectively. The key is simply being knowledgeable enough about the sources so that that one can use them to locate the relevant law efficiently and effectively.
Before beginning research, one needs to spend time "brainstorming" the problem. Reading the facts, ascertaining the subject matter, and noting the preliminary issues to be researched are the basic things to be done.
To begin with a legal research first the identification of method and type of legal study is necessary. Then the material for research is necessary. The research material must relevant and as per the context of the problem. The primary & secondary source as well as the research design is
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Research is the systematic process of collecting and analyzing information to increase our understanding of the phenomenon under study.2 We can say that:
• Research is what we do when we have a question or a problem we want to resolve
• It seems like we already know the answer to the questions
• We may think that the answer is obvious and even common sense
• But until we have analysed our problem to some scientific research, our 'knowledge ' remains little more than guesswork only. For a broader view the terms of research can be seen as:
• R : Rational way of thinking
• E : Expert and exhaustive treatment
• S : Search and solution
• E : Exactness
1 Oxford Concise Dictionary 2 S P Simpson & Ruth Field, Law and the Social Sciences
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• A : Analysis
• R : Relationship of facts
• C : Critical observation, Careful planning, Constructive attitude and Condensed generalization
• H : Honesty and Hard working
A combined reading of all the above-mentioned ‘explanations’ of the term ‘research’ reveals that ‘research’ is the ‘careful, diligent and exhaustive investigation of a specific subject matter’ with a view to knowing the truth and making original contribution in the existing stock of knowledge.
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What is
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