There Is No Question That Gay Marriage Has Become A Huge

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There is no question that gay marriage has become a huge moral and spiritual issue for the church (Brown 2014). Liberal Protestants believe because this issue has torn groups of believers apart we would be better to accept our differences in beliefs and move forward with the mission of spreading Jesus’s love. The Conservative Protestants viewpoint on this issue is people in homosexual relationships need to be shown love while at the same time helping them understand what the Bible says on this topic. Gay marriage has become a highly-debated topic between Conservative and Liberal Protestant religious groups, in which the opposing positions are centered around interpretation of sacred text, belief in the concept of naturally orientated…show more content…
Liberal’s believe that certain parts of scripture from the Bible are more relevant in today’s day and age than other parts. In Genesis 1:31 it says, “God surveyed all that he had made and pronounced it “very good!”” (Life application study Bible 2011) Since God pronounced his creation very good, if people have natural desires for a homosexual marriage then it must be of God. Liberals also believe that love is the superseding goal of Christianity. In 1 John 4:8, “Love is the greatest of these not only because it is eternal, but because even in this temporal life, where we now live, love is supreme.” (Life application study Bible 2011) If two people are in a committed loving homosexual relationship, since God is love then the relationship must be from God. Liberals also believe condemning same-sex marriages is harmful to the LGBTQ community and its members. They reference the story when Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount that good trees bear good fruit and bad trees bear bad fruit. The feeling here is the Church’s rejection of same-sex marriages has caused tremendous needless suffering to the LGBTQ community which thus produces bad fruit (Vines 2015). One of the common debates within the topic of gay marriage is whether it can be deemed a natural relationship. Conservative Protestants, believing in the inherent supremacy of the Bible, reference Romans 1:26 on this issue which says, “That is why God abandoned them to their

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