There Is No Such Thing As An Intelligent Racist.Skin Color,

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There is no such thing as an intelligent racist. Skin color, IQ, Economic interests. Racism is learned behavior. Start early. Where do we learn to be racist, church, school, home, and work? Racism is a two-way street. Left side, strong side, side by side we will conquer the evil of racism as colorblind brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ. Racism to me is in existent and has no right to be on this beautiful planet. Racism to me is disgracing your own kind just because you are just different in look, even though we are all the same inside. One of the main rules I have learned both from the movie and Martin is that you should never ever judge a book by its cover. This is because you don’t even know the person and hidden in that…show more content…
Mr. King had the same idea. He heard his people and they didn 't want to be treated unfairly anymore. So he fought against the dictatorship of whites until they heard him. He never gave up because he knew what he was doing was right for all and not just him. Unity. In the movie the one thing that divided the boys in the beginning was only there skin color, nothing else. The first step to uniting them was when Boone put defense on one bus and offense on the other. They began to socialize and come as one just over one game, football. They all began to realize they had common interests. Even at school some of us may hate others but we are all Raiders and all support them as one family. Everyone wants the same thing in life which is overall happiness. Mr. King united his people by preaching and excepting all colors and brought all to fight for civil liberty. He got whites and blacks to come as one and fight as one.
Fear. the one rule about fear is fight of flight. You either run away from the problem or face it head on. In the movie the boys were afraid that they would lose their starting positions and asked to coach to save their spots. Also some of the Coaches were afraid that they would lose their jobs to black Coaches. Mr. King was afraid he would be killed, attacked, or even fail to complete his mission. Though both in the movie and Mr. King fought instead of choosing flight. Equality. We are all
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