There Is No Such Thing as Rest: Slavery in Colonial America

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There is No Such Thing as Rest In "There is No Such Thing as Rest," former free man Solomon Northrup was captured and sold into slavery for the period of twelve years. Slavery is now acknowledged as one of the most shameful periods of American history. Slaves were utilized mostly in the American south on the large farms and plantations (Butler 2004). These were heavily agricultural communities which depended on farming to survive and to grow economically and politically. The more product that the Southern colonies were able to harvest and export, logically the more the community would progress. More and more slaves were imported to the New World in order to provide the bodies necessary to continue to make a profit. This, unfortunately, did not stop when America became its own nation and slavery continued as a practice in the new country. This is what led to men like Northrup becoming imprisoned in the system, even if they were born free men. Although the Southern colonies and then states used slaves far more often than their northern counterparts, all the people who were in the United States were accomplices to the travesty that was the institution of slavery. People in the north aided slavery when they knowingly purchased products that were grown in land that was worked by slaves. Slavery became the backbone of the economic system in the Southern colonies and then the southern states. Very few people were willing to take a decisive stance against a practice which was
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