There Is Not One American Identity

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There is not one American identity. There is not a single consistent plan for what American policy is, should, or will be. Sure, this political scientist might present a plan for a specific crisis, but there is always a politician in the wings with another plan to counter the first. Every politician’s opinion is different, just as every citizen’s is. Our experiences shape our identities, as does the information we are fed in school, by our families and friends, as well as the media. The view I have of the United States and its place in the world is quite different than most because I am a first generation American. Moreover, my family comes from Venezuela, where their international policy is starkly different than America’s. The United States of America’s international role has unquestionably shaped my opinions, outlook, and behavior. To most Americans the United States works on an imperial system, they are the center of the world with the United States government controlling most of the world with sanctions and leading by example. To other developed countries like Denmark, Australia, and Canada the image of the United States seems less like a hegemony and more like another country working toward the greater good. We see this in their news articles and in their responses to politicians’ speeches. For me, it is definitely beyond that. My parents and family still in Venezuela critic every action or lack thereof. My closest friends live in Scotland and England and frequently
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