There Is Nothing Beautiful About Death

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There is nothing beautiful about death. And yet, we romanticize the idea by telling ourselves that the person passed is in a better place, depending on what religious order we belong to or personal beliefs. And while the concept of death is frightening to think about, from the moment of our birth, everyone’s destiny is death. Having conducted a personal survey on how a person would choose to die, ninety percent of twenty people reasoned they would prefer dying in their sleep. The reason being is simple and had a terribly human response. It is peaceful and painless. Most, if not all, people want to die in a dignified light. Without the agony of pain to take away from their last moments. And in a place where they can feel safe and have a sense of security, simple really. But in world of chronic disease and persistent disorders, we are living in a place prone to pain and suffering. For those who know their conditions will only progress terminally, there is mercy in euthanasia. By name derived from ancient Greek, it means the ‘good death’. Bluntly, “euthanasia is an act that directly and intentionally causes a person 's death” (Muehlenberg). And while it is illegal in all countries save for five, I personally believe that euthanasia, in the event that someone is suffering from an incurable disease under voluntary control, is a right we should offer. The unfortunate truth of it is “the diseases that once killed us swiftly (pneumonia, influenza, cholera, infections, and massive
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