There Is Nothing Left By Randy Bragg

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There is nothing left. The town is destroyed. Families are destroyed. Much of the nation is destroyed. How is one to survive and prosper after a nuclear bombing? How can one possibly move on when everything they once knew is forever changed? These are the questions that faced every individual still alive in Fort Repose.
Randy Bragg succinctly encapsulates Alas, Babylon when he tells Florence, “Survival of the fittest . . . The strong survive. The frail die” (Frank 176). This is the message that anyone who does not adapt to the world will die. Take pets for example, “The exotic fish die because the aquarium isn’t heated. The common guppy lives. So does the tough catfish. The house cat turns hunter and eats the pet bird. If he didn’t he’d starve. That’s the way it is and that’s the way it’s going to be” (Frank 176). When a change like this happens people start doing abnormal things to meet their needs. People attack others in order to get any scarce resources they may need. The main character, Randy Bragg, “felt nauseated . . . in disgust at the beasts who in callous cruelty had dragged down and maimed and destroyed the human dignity of this selfless man [Dan Gunn]” (Frank 241). This is an example of people doing whatever is necessary to survive, even if it means attacking and leaving an innocent man on the road to die.
Alas, Babylon is a warning to today’s society about what will happen if nuclear warfare ever takes place. This occurrence is closer…

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