There Is Really No “One Size Fits All” Software Solution

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There is really no “one size fits all” software solution in our modern age of digital health records. Every practice needs an infrastructure designed around their service delivery plan and their internal practice management framework. Behavioral and mental health organizations, along with addiction treatment facilities, need systems geared toward serving their unique patient populations.
Building a behavioral health practice management system with a value-based focus allows specialty practices to successfully improve patient outcomes and achieve the financial goals of the organization. Unlike other types of medical organizations, mental health practices must proactively overcome barriers such as the public stigma associated with seeking
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Appointment Scheduler: Helps patients and care teams to quickly schedule and review appointments based on specific types such as Group Therapy, Psychiatric Evaluation and Depression Counseling, while also allowing authorized users to create practice-specific appointment types for individuals or groups, when necessary.
Documentation Type: Provides an extensive list of document formats to make charting and documentation easier. The templates include forms for treatment planning, progress goals and initial assessment.
Medical Assistant: Aggregates information from patient medical history records and current status forms to support appropriate treatment planning.
MedicsRx™ : Is a complete e-prescribing tool that does everything you would expect from facilitating secure electronic prescription delivery to the pharmacy, while tracking all current medications with supporting information about dosages, refill dates, adverse drug reactions, known allergies and more.
Behavioral Health Practice Management Software
Organizations and providers who serve patients with emotional disorders and mental health challenges, must effectively manage the office workflow to achieve financial goals and improve patient outcomes. Behavioral Health Practice Mangement Software provides automated functionality necessary to
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