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As I enter the museum, I saw huge white walls, which made up the whole museum. I thought it was quite elegant looking and incredible because of the color of the museum, white. Not to mention, it is located in the mountains of Los Angeles with a gorgeous view and awesome location. But I couldn’t help but notice that there isn’t any Chicana/o are pieces at all. Why aren’t there any art pieces that have to do with Chicana/o? Especially since the museum gets a lot of tourists from around the world, including people from Mexico and people from the Spanish culture. Why are they being excluded from the art works? Don’t the artist have the right to be notice by other people around the world like the other artists that are being presented? While…show more content…
I believe that the Chicana/o art isn’t being appreciate by the American society or isn’t acceptable. The Chicana/o art has been in this country for years but yet no recognitions of the art pieces in the museums. There are some exhibitions here and there but rarely at the big museums such as the Getty. The impression that the museum is leaving is that there is no room for Chicana/o art and no need to explore the cultures that they have to offer. This is sort of a reason why I didn’t feel as comfortable because there wasn’t any work that I could relate to or feel excited to see. Whereas the art exhibition that took place in East Los Angeles made me feel comfortable because I knew that the people that made the work where coming from a familiar background that I’ve grown up inn; I can relate to the art pieces they have created. I can recall that the art I’ve seen throughout my life were mainly American art pieces or European art pieces but rarely or none of Chicana/o pieces. As I was researching the Getty’s mission statement, it stated, “…the performing arts that engage our diverse local and international audiences” which I thought was kind of ironic since the art pieces that they have mainly European art. They seem to want to be diverse and have art pieces that people can relate to or to impress, but in reality, they seem to want to attract people who seem to have the lifestyle of upper
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