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As I enter the museum, I saw huge white walls, which made up the whole museum. I thought it was quite elegant looking and incredible because of the color of the museum, white. Not to mention, it is located in the mountains of Los Angeles with a gorgeous view and awesome location. But I couldn’t help but notice that there isn’t any Chicana/o are pieces at all. Why aren’t there any art pieces that have to do with Chicana/o? Especially since the museum gets a lot of tourists from around the world, including people from Mexico and people from the Spanish culture. Why are they being excluded from the art works? Don’t the artist have the right to be notice by other people around the world like the other artists that are being presented?
While walking around and looking at the art pieces that the Getty, I felt lucky for being able to go to a museum that was filled with so many pieces that come from centuries ago. Being able to go back to the past and see how the world was before. Although, I did felt uncomfortable and felt that I didn’t belong because of the people I was surrounded in. All the people that were primarily there were tourist with their high end clothing and people that seem/act that they were important and better than everyone else. I asked the question myself of why I felt that I didn’t belong. I mean, I should be able to feel comfortable since I come from Los Angeles and I am equal to the other people that were there. Although, I know that I shouldn’t feel this way…