There Should Be No Credit Cards

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There Should Be No Credit Cards

Today many people blame their credit card debt on the economy. With their being so little employment with very little income; we are forced to live under our means. Credit is usually misused and accumulates large amounts of debt. Many people use credit cards for daily expenses or to buy their wants rather their needs. Often times, credit cards are used to pay rent, utilities and other daily expenses due to people living off of paycheck to paycheck and do not make enough money to pay their monthly bills to buy necessities. Some people may use credit cards to keep up their material social statuses amongst their peers. Other people have some sort of social influences; however, these people do not need to rely on credit to live, it is just to impress friends. Credit card companies reel college students with applications in the mail daily and advertisements are causing them financial burdens.

When Debt Begins
The debt of credit cards typically starts at a young age in life, before discipline and life experiences have taken place. Yes, they get you even before you start college. They know when your eighteenth birthday has come. It is a given fact that most credit card debt is accrued right before or during college. I would say definitely before college. Most teenagers want to get what is hot for their first year in college with their new credit cards they hide from their parents. Mannix performed a study showing that college
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