There Should be a Uniform System of Education in America Essay

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There should be a uniform system of education in a country Uniform system of education means that the level of education must be same for everyone in a country. Everyone in a country must be given equal opportunities for getting high education. There should be no concept of various systems of education. For example Madrassa school system; Government school system; Private school education system and British education system. I totally agree with the topic that there should be uniform system of education. Basically uniformity brings equality in everything. Justice needs that everyone should have equal rights. Thus for giving equal rights to his inhabitants, the government should spread a uniform system of education throughout the country.…show more content…
Thus they are limited to low quality system of education which is cheap and easily approachable to them. And by getting education from such a system will get them a low job only. Thus they will not work with honest and interest because they will think that they are not given such job which they deserve. It is not useful for the development of a country. Basically there are four systems of education: Madrassa school system, Government school system, Private school system and British school system. Madrassa school system offers alim and hifz courses. It offers mostly Islamic courses. Government and private school system includes inter board system. They offer some compulsory and other elective subjects. While British school system offers elective subjects only. There is a huge difference between the above systems of education. For getting admission in a university for high education one should fulfill the admission criteria of that university. Now for a student who has got education through Madrassa school system it is totally impossible for him to fulfill the admission criteria of that university. Because such a student only know about Islamic course subjects while the university admission criteria also needs science subjects. Also for a student who have got education through government or private school system, it is difficult for him to fulfill admission
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