There Was A Boy Whose Name Was Simply Jimmy, He Was Born

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There was a boy whose name was simply Jimmy, he was born 1985 to two wealthy successful parents. Jimmy 's parents are both American, they have many high standards for themselves so smoking is considered a luxury and a privilege. Jimmy was in the 10th grade and had always done things the right way, even in his education, he was flawless in his execution his classmates always recognized him for his showcase of knowledge in the classroom. He was also known for being an unbelievable athlete in a plethora of sports offer throughout high school it didn 't matter whether it was basketball, baseball, football, or soccer he had the lungs to dominate the sport with scouts looming he was a natural. Jimmy 's habits were as normal as a 16-year-old…show more content…
Everyone one was shocked that he didn 't die from coughing so much smoke, especially B.W. “man I thought your soul was coming out of your body for minute there”, B.W. took a puff inhaled it in and held it for 15 seconds and coughed it up “oh shit, yall good smokes I feel like I 'm on cloud 9”. Jimmy rarely gets scared of situations because he usually stays positive and attacks them with relentless effort, but this was was a different issue, “jim-me jim jim jam Jimmy jazz come on man try a puff to know you want a taste to let 's go, buddy, we know you are lustful for new experiences”, B.W. urged Jimmy.
“ I don 't know, y 'all I 'm not easily stressed apparently, but I heard that those cigarettes are deadly”, Jimmy said admittedly. B.W. did something unexpected he shoved the cigarette into Jimmy 's mouth “inhale Jimmy inhale” Ron join in and help B.W. Persuade Jimmy to smoke the cigarette while Mike just watched. Jimmy was held by the arms by Ron, cigarette dangling out of his mouth, the cigarette eventually fell back between his lips and he inhaled after a tedious struggle in which his meter was slowly depleting thus rendering him powerless to resist. The smoke flowed through his nose and ballooned out of his mouth as Ron removed the cigarette from Jimmy 's mouth. “How did that feel Jimmy boy” B.W. mentioned,
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