There Was Not Just A Single Revolution?

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There was not just a single revolution in Russia. The Russian revolutions occurred in 1905 and 1971 and they had different causes. Ascher (1988) states that before the revolution that occurred in 1905, a war emerged that contributed to poor and harsh living conditions. In addition, a massacre also erupted which led to many deaths and rebellions. On the other hand, economic crisis, and poor governance may also be cited as the root causes of revolution. The Russian revolutions had different causes for except two. Two issues emerged before the revolutions that caused them. The main issues that emerged comprised of discontent peasants and the authoritative ruler Tsar Nicholas 2.
According to (Ascher, 1988) in the early 1900s, approximately 90% of the population, in Russia, lived under a peasant life style. They were considered as country people who depended mostly on agrarian economy. The peasants were given a common terminology, serfs and, they worked as slaves to the landowners. However, as the population increased, the demand for land increased, and there was less land for farming activities, and settlement. The author believes that the slaves or peasants found it harder to provide for their households, hence, they to make redemption transactions for the land they never owned (Ascher, 1988). During this era, there was approximately 50% of infant mortality, and life expectancy was reduced to 50 years. Other effects included malnutrition and disease outbreaks. These were
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