There Were Different Researches Done To Show What Caused

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There were different researches done to show what caused the Mexican War. Some say America and others say Mexico themselves. There has been some insight by Ramón Eduardo Ruiz, David J. Weber, Rodolfo Acuña, and Walter Nugent. From Ramón Eduardo Ruiz’s article, there are mentions of the Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny played a role in the New World and in Mexico. In “’From Hell Itself’ The Americanization of Mexico’s Frontier” by David J. Weber, talks about the issues within Mexico that caused them to lose so much of their territory. From Rodolfo Acuña in “Legacy of Hate: The Conquest of Mexico’s Northwest”, the article indicates… From the article “California and New Mexico, 1846-1848: Southward Aggression II” by Walter Nugent, … These…show more content…
As the English wanted to expand their own territory this affected the Indians which were the previous owners of the New World. English did not no more room for the Indians. The new lands were claimed right away by new settlers. As a result, Indians were moved more westward, driving them out of their homes.
On the other hand, in Mexico and expansion, they already had Texas, California, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada. America wanted some of these territories since some lands were actually not being used. Due to Manifest Destiny, Mexico was affected, which would later become the Mexican War. The liberty in Mexico was unalike, such as, they were not as strong as America. As for slavery, they had used Indians for labor. The Spaniards were known for not doing hard work. However, the difference was that they were not called slaves. They had received protection to get labor in return. They were protected by laws, there would be no segregation and discrimination.
American beliefs in the Manifest Destiny drove them to the start of the Mexican War. Manifest Destiny to them was that they felt chosen to take these lands from others that were not like them. The article states, “Convinced of the innate racial which the slogan of Manifest Destiny proclaimed throughout the world, many Americans came to believe that the New World was theirs to develop.” Mexico had lands that were not being used, so to
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