There Were Several Reasons For Conducting This Needs Assessment.

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There were several reasons for conducting this needs assessment. The first reason was to address the multi-sensory needs of preschool children. It is important to address this because during their early years, children learn by exploring their surroundings. Thus, preschoolers need a structured sensory environment that not only stimulate their senses but also teaches them new development skills such as cause and effect (Messauber, 2012). The second reason for this needs assessment was to learn more about the benefits of sensory rich environment for preschoolers. There is limited evidence based research about the effectiveness of MSE on preschoolers. Thus, the implementation of a sensory basket would provide us with information about how…show more content…
However, there are clinics in farther developed areas such as Syracuse, NY that provide MSE rooms (“Pediatric Multisensory Environment,” n.d.). Nevertheless, it is important to take into consideration that parents do not have access to MSE environments in local towns such as Potsdam and Canton, NY. This need could be addressed by educating professionals in the North Country about the use and benefits of MSEs for children. The American Association of Multi-Sensory Environments also provides training and information for professionals who are interested in building a MSE (Messbauer, 2013). The overall purpose of the needs assessment was to learn about the multi-sensory needs of preschool children and whether a sensory rich environment would be beneficial for them. The current feel of the Smart Cookies daycare is that they have a limited amount of multi-sensory equipment (A. Cutler, personal communication, October 12, 2016). The problem identified with the needs assessment is that a MSE is not present for these preschoolers, therefore, they cannot explore and grow in their classroom environment (A. Cutler, personal communication, October 12, 2016). The preschool teacher indicated that during transition time, there is a decrease in appropriate behavior and participation skills in some of the students (A. Cutler, personal communication, October 12, 2016). The results of the needs assessment indicated that preschoolers would benefit from a MSE. The action
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