There Will Be Blood Movie Relations to Environmental Law and Policy

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4/26/2012 Environmental Law and Policy Third Assignment “There Will Be Blood” Environmental Issues and Connections “There Will Be Blood” by Paul Thomas Anderson starring Daniel Day Lewis reproduces the early 1900s oil boom in southern California. Daniel Day Lewis plays a man named Daniel Plainview, the very serious boss of a drilling company. After adopting a son early on in the movie for purely business reasons he leads us on the path of innovation and growth within a new industry. His depictions of oil drilling in the turn of the 20th century present endless environmental law issues. These issues have resulted in the regulation of an industry, countless strains on the environment and the contributing factors to many of the…show more content…
Along with the rising population is always a strain on the environment. This has been true about agriculture for hundreds of years. Without the oil, the town would not have grown to be agriculturally fit. The oil industry was a new industry in the setting of the film. However a few times throughout we see causalities in the workplace, including the deafening of Plainview’s son H.W. Because the industry was new it was not regulated. For the various depictions in the film are why regulation is vital today. The accidents in the movie are the results for laws like the Occupational Safety and Health Act. This law ensures that all employees are subject to safe working conditions. The oil industry is not the only reasons for this law, it covers a lot of industries health and safety rules. Various administrations would make sure equipment is safe enough so we can avoid accidents like the ones that happened in the wells to the men. When Oil is burned so we can use it for energy it emits a lot of toxic gases including CO2. Burning oil pollutes our air and is a harm to our environment. The Environmental Protection Agency, a federal agency to protect human health and the environment must enforce the Clean Air Act. Burning oil and other dirty energy sources like coal can deplete the ozone but also put

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