There Will Come Soft Rains Analysis Essay

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In the poem “There Will Come Soft Rains”, Sara Teasdale reveals the idea that humans are insignificant compared to nature. In the first few lines, the author describes the beauty of spring, “And frogs in the pools singing at night / And wild plum trees in tremulous white” (Teasdale, 3-4). Further on, Teasdale continues to remark the beauty of nature and how humans have no affect on it. Concluding to the end of the poem, it states, “And Spring herself when she woke at dawn, / Would scarcely know that we were gone” (Teasdale, 11-12). Here the author explicitly states that even if all humankind were to go extinct, it would have no affect on the general harmony of nature. Therefore expressing the idea that humans are insignificant to nature. Ray
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