There Will Come Soft Rains

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“There Will Come Soft Rains”- Forecasting the Future? “There Will come Soft Rains” written by Ray Bradbury in 1950, is a very colorful work of literature. The descriptions paint beautiful murals, but could there be a warning hidden behind the vivid imagery? The author uses different techniques to convey the message of the story; to alert the readers of the future unfolding in the face of technology. “There will come soft Rains” is set in 2026, a time when technology has advanced far beyond current capabilities. At the beginning of the story, the house goes on to carry out daily functions, such as cooking breakfast, cleaning and reciting plans. However, due to the lack of inhabitants to maintain the house, it eventually catches fire…show more content…
In turn, because we are reliant upon the (now incapable) technology we are unable to function properly and we will eventually turn to war and devastation. The house collapsing introduces a new setting. The image of the outside world was of demolished buildings and barren land, laid waste by the war foreshadowed earlier in the short when the house still functioned. The setting is significant because it depicts a world where technology has advanced so far that it can complete human activities. However, without any humans to maintain the technology, everything has become desolate and without purpose. This setting could also be interpreted to mean that technology is unfeeling and unaware. Humans treat technology first and foremost, taking care to invest thousands in technology and even consider it before other people. For example, I’ve seen teenagers laugh at their friends after falling down stairs, but panic when their phones fall and even put themselves in harm’s way to protect their machines. However, in the story, the house continues functioning without recognizing there are no inhabitants, and without caring for the living dog. This could be interpreted to mean that we care far too much about technology, even though it is neither alive nor aware, and will continue without us, to complete its program. Along with the use of setting and tone, Bradbury includes
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