There are numerous disabilities that exist in the world today that can affect people’s physical or

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There are numerous disabilities that exist in the world today that can affect people’s physical or mental ability which can be taken care of through rehabilitation or medication. Despite science and psychology’s progress at providing more help for people with disabilities, they are still at risk for discrimination and segregation in society. Even regardless of the societal barriers that exist against people with disabilities, environmental barriers such as stairs or lack of transportation can greatly limit a person with disabilities’ access to the world. These obstacles exist in Hong Kong and it can lead to isolation, depression and restricted opportunities. Although Hong Kong along with other countries has passed ordinances to help combat…show more content…
Art or art therapy has the power to help people in general in terms of expression and combating depression. This is due to the fact that it is a way for people to express themselves when they are unhappy in a less direct and creative manner that allows them to experience a sort of release of negative emotions. The creative process of art itself is unlimited and vast. Its ideology is solely based on self-expression, which is free and unrestricting. Moreover, artistic communities tend to be less judgmental on whether the art itself is “right” or “wrong” (Zahovaeva, 2014). Thus, it can be seen that these are good reasons why a person with disabilities might want to join the artistic sphere. Scientific research has shown that art does have meditative effects where it renders stress to relaxation in a person’s physiology. In different researches, changes in brain wave patterns, autonomic nervous system, hormonal balance and brain neurotransmitter have occurred as a result of listening to music (Zahovaeva, 2014). Art in medicine is not a new concept, ancient rites of healing were performed hand in hand with music, dance and drama to emphasize the healing process (Zahovaeva, 2014). Within the context of disability studies, this proves to be greatly advantageous because art is both beneficial in terms of its ability to affect psychological as well as physiological side of people. Rubinstein, a Russian psychologist, claimed that
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