Essay on There is No Escaping the Matrix

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There is No Escaping the Matrix

In the video game world anything is possible, and if your player dies you can always play again. The videogame industry is exploding in the market place; it's far from child's play and far from the days of pong. In the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly (December 6, 2002) there is an article, Video Game Nation, discussing a new video game experience being touted as the wave of the future, The Real World meets The Matrix. In this virtual world called The Sims Online, people "live" in a virtual environment peopled by avatars created by thousands of other gamers. Neal Stephenson envisioned this future ten years prior with his release of Snow Crash. Stephenson describes a computer-generated
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If you look closer at Agent Smiths' statement, "As soon as we started thinking for you, your world became our world." a sliver of truth comes out of it. If the thinking is left for someone or something are we not giving up "our world" in exchange for theirs? Is it possible that people are evolving into a machine loving species capable of finding our selves imprisoned by our own creations? In the movie The Matrix, Agent Smith, the computer-generated villain, expresses his views on The Matrix. He marvels at its beauty, its shear genius. The Matrix, he explains, went through some changes after some "crops" {humans} were lost when the humans failed to accept the "perfect world where everyone was happy." Agent Smith goes on to explain that other Artificial beings "believed we lacked the programming language" to describe the perfect world. Agent Smith comes up with his own theory, that humans need pain and suffering in order to define their reality. So rather than create a perfect world the machines recreate a more real world; a world of suffering a Buddhist world, one that prevents the human mind from trying to "wake up from." This is the world Neo grows up in, this Matrix world. He grows up in a machine world; his mind is a by-product of the machinery, therefore, making him the perfect candidate to be the chosen
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