There is No Need for Gun Safety Locks Essay

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In the summer months of the year 2000, a horrible tragedy occurred in California that left two children dead before the police killed the intruder. A fourteen-year-old girl, whose father had trained her in the use of firearms, could not access her father’s gun when she needed to because it was locked in accordance with California’s state law (Pratt). This preventable tragedy is one of many reported scenarios that scream that there is no need for gun safety locks. The critics respond with the need for gun safety locks, citing examples of children finding unlocked and loaded guns in their homes. These children might subsequently harm themselves or cause harm to others with the firearm. The belief is that proper parenting can help to reduce…show more content…
Society must stop this irresponsible behavior, and allow only the violators to suffer the consequences not the innocent in the wrong place at the wrong time. Similarly, gun laws also seem to favor the criminal with ordinances enacted that require the use of gunlocks. The law-abiding citizen is at a disadvantage concerning self-defense when complying with these ordinances. Why do some ordinances require the use of a gun safety lock? Many experts offer the myth of a gun safety lock hindering children from harming themselves or other siblings. These locking devices are available in different styles; however, each device generally has some risk associated with its use. An examination of some popular styles of locks will help reveal their fallacies. The cable lock for firearms resembles a cheap overgrown bicycle lock. Thieves who cut the lock’s thin cable with a commonly used pair of cutters steal many people’s bicycles. Thieves can use the same method and the same tool on a firearm, rendering the hindrance myth ineffective. Because some locks are so easily defeated, the Consumer Products Safety Commission instituted a voluntary recall of some gunlocks with about half of the models being cable locks (Leonardatos, Blackman, and Kopel). Removing the cable lock from the barrel of a gun is a necessity to load the gun. This is also a time consuming

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