There 's No Family Like Show Family

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There’s No Family Like Show Family In high school, I might have been known as the “weird girl,” but today, to many outside of it, I am known as the “successful girl.” High school wasn’t my thing, the whole stereotyped aspects of it. If you were known as anyone you were on an athletic team, if you took honors and accelerated classes you were known as a nerd, and answering questions in class gets you pinned as the teacher’s pet in high school. I myself didn’t like it because not only are cliques and charming looks not my thing, but because it didn’t mesh with the lifestyle I am proud to live as a part of the agriculture industry. Back in high school, I wasn’t just known as weird, but as an outsider as I was involved in 4-H and FFA, organizations for youth in agriculture, and did things such as giving up spring break to attend a livestock show or my senior prom to compete in a meat judging contest, two very important events, maybe not to others, but to me. My love for agriculture began in junior high, continued through high school, and followed me into college. As a youth in the industry, I raised and showed several different animals, competed in contests that required me to grade meat and identify plants, served in leadership roles, and so much more. These endeavors not only brought me attributes to be known as “the successful girl,” but also tons of great memories, inside jokes, skills that cannot be gained in a classroom, too many résumé builders to list, and most
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