There 's Nothing But Love : Brokeback Mountain

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There’s Nothing but Love: Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain is a 2005 American romantic film directed by Ang Lee. This film was won the 78th Academy Awards in 2006 for multiple nominations, including the Best Director, the Best Adapted Screenplay and the Best Original Score. Ang Lee uses all means to depict the details of the love and emotion in the movie. He likes making dramas in different ingredients that are in competition. He explains when love comes, there is no difference between the love of the opposite sex and same sex love. All the carefully designs by Ang Lee depicted in the movie serves for showing the secret love between the two gay cowboys: Jack and Ennis. Brokeback Mountain is not about being politicized and tells us what the correct analysis of things, but it is about motion and love. Ang Lee understands the emotions move completely, and the characters of the movie that he transmitted through sort of physical means. He is able to let us know exactly what it is he is looking for by using few words and a great deal with emotions he moves in other words what it is that he wants. Moreover, he thinks love can transcend different culture. When love comes, there is no difference between love of the opposite sex and same-sex love. The way of love between Jack and Ennis are presented by their love story, the special background of the movie, and the editing skills.

Brokeback Mountain is an uncommon love story,and it is a western cowboy movie. The two gay cowboys,…
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