There 's Nothing More Dangerous Than Someone Who Wants For Make The World A Better Place

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Banksy states, ‘There 's nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place’. Sarcastic no doubt, it is essential to realise that the notion of vandals and graffiti artists are slightly different. Vandals are miscreants and cause damage and destruction to society where as graffiti artists though they can be deemed as vandals, compared to absolute destruction of society, they create art for the society to see. Unluckily for graffiti artists there contrast to vandals is quite evident throughout the social order and most known in the eyes of the police. Conversely, stated in the questions quote banksy states that “vandals” want to make the world a better place not graffiti artists in general. It appears that perhaps graffiti artists wish to make the world a better looking place, not as much as vandals wanting to make a destructive wasteland. If police officers wish to brand the world a better a place they must start in their society and a core issue in suburban societies is vandals, though this embraces graffiti artists, damaging vandals are most certainly more of an issue on society than the graffiti artist, perhaps banksy has not given himself any justice in regards to his quote. The main ideal of this quote is that graffiti is not harming, but beatifying society, however, to society graffiti is seen as a defacement of private property and not a form of art for the world to see. Graffiti vandalism. On the other hand, is a complete disregard for…
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