Therefore, Continuing A Solid Support System Melvin Should

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Therefore, continuing a solid support system Melvin should accommodate a continuation of a favorable prognosis. Ultimately, Melvin has already exhibit progression in his prognosis of OCD, but can further his positive prognosis with proper therapy, medicine, and a support system. Therapy The proper therapeutic approach regarding Mr. Udall would consist of a combination of exposure and response prevention (ERP) based behavior therapy (BT) and pharmacotherapy consisting of serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRI). “Currently, behavior therapy that focuses on exposure and response prevention is the psychological treatment of choice of OCD” (Olatunji, Rosenfield, Tart, Cottraux, Powers, Smits, 2013, p. 415). Furthermore, Olatunji et al. research…show more content…
Ultimately, although therapy is a considered the proper approach, Melvin may only respond positively to a therapy with Carol ensuring he self-monitors and exposes himself to his fears. Personal Reflection Although without the knowledge of anyone with OCD, my own personal repetitive behavior ignited the curiosity of the plausible effects family dysfunction serves on the symptoms of OCD. In brief, this reasoning stems from my own father emotional abusing, child-rearing practices which were slightly homologous to those of Melvin’s father. Nevertheless, fearing of failure and receiving punishment from my father, I would frequently practice sports to the point of exhaustion. Moreover, throughout my childhood, my father constantly forced me to view regular everyday environments as potential dangerous scenarios. Consequently, my regular response is to conduct safety measures several times to ensure nothing will go wrong. Conclusively, the role of my own dysfunctional childhood spark the speculation of the effect learned behaviors provides corresponding to the symptoms of OCD. There were multiple items which were found to be surprising while researching OCD. The most fascinating information comprise of the family function and parental effect on symptom severity due to assistance and accommodations provided to a person suffering from OCD.
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